Getting the most out of our water, together - Sweetwater's crowdfunding campaign - through Dec 31, 2014

The Santa Barbara South Coast has all the resources we need to live vitally well with the water we have. Sweetwater Collaborative is weaving those resources together to establish permanent water security now and for future generations. We need your help to continue cultivating creative collaboration in our community-- to foster the learning and practice of water wisdom by all. 

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Friday, December 12, 2014

It’s raining! Celebrate by contributing to Sweetwater!

We’re collectively sighing with relief as our third significant rain of the season pounds our streets, runs through our creeks, and soaks our landscapes. Plants glow, bursting with renewal. Where there are rainwater harvesting basins and swales, the water has slowed, spread, and sunk into mulch and then soil, nourishing plant roots and creating a rich reserve of hydration for months to come.

Directing rainwater into the soil as natural irrigation for native and drought tolerant plants is best practice in our Mediterranean climate, even in years we have much greater amounts of rain.  During drought it becomes essential for making the most of our water, and sharing what water we do have with the whole community. 

Your financial contribution of any amount to Sweetwater ensures that we can continue our important work educating and training our community about options for living well with the water we have and creating water security for our region. Please contribute today to build momentum for our campaign and show others your support.  Any amount you are comfortable contributing is the right amount. 

Your contribution will be received by our fiscal sponsor and sister organization, Nurturing Across Cultures, with 100% going to Sweetwater Collaborative.

Thank you!

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California is in the midst of a severe drought, the last three years have been declared the driest in recorded history.  Over 50% of water consumption in southern CA is for landscapes.  Switching from lawns and lush temperate or tropical plantings to native or Mediterranean plantings, combined with onsite rainwater harvesting and greywater reuse can cut landscape water use by as much as 70%. 

Sustainable vs. Traditional Landscape

Since well before the current drought crisis, Sweetwater Collaborative has been helping people transform their landscapes with features that sharply reduce water consumption.  We've converted lawns to breathtakingly beautiful water saving paradises. We include as many edibles as possible with the water available.

The drought crisis requires Sweetwater Collaborative to step up our pace of community education and training, landscape transformation, and stakeholder collaboration to bring us lasting water security. We need financial support now to advance to this essential next stage of our service to Santa Barbara. Your tax-deductible contribution will go to our own 501(c)3 non-profit organization Nurturing Across Cultures, aka Interplay, and be 100% earmarked for Sweetwater Collaborative.

A lawn converted to a food forest $10,000 is our goal for this campaign.  This will prime the pump by enabling us to bring more partners and resources together to effectively adapt our community to the drought and drier climate conditions ahead. Your contribution is leveraged to keep our workshop and training costs low, and continue to provide free community educational events and services. 

The time is now! We’re at the beginning of whatever rainy season we’ll get this year, and we’ve had two good rains-- on Halloween, and this week. Even in drought, directing roof runoff into the soil can delay the need for irrigation for three months after the rainy season has ended.  We can save water in tanks to use in annual veggie gardens in between or after rains. Sheet mulched areas need to be wetted over time to complete the cycle of killing the grass, so it’s good to do this work when the sky will provide the water. 

Please donate today!  This could be the most important investment you make in 2014. Our campaign is for 28 days, through the end of December.  Let’s end the year with a deep commitment to our community and to healing our relationship with the water cycle, now and for  the future.  Sweetwater Collaborative is all of us; let's invest in ourselves and our community.

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