Sweet Water-Wise Walking Tours-- Westside May 30; Samarkand June 6.

Join Sweetwater in two neighborhood walking tours highlighting water-wise projects at a variety of residential sites!  

We will be touring six sites on the Westside on Saturday, May 30 from 3:00-6:00pm. Water-wise features include rain gardens, a 1350 gal. rain tank, laundry greywater systems, sheet mulching, soil building, a funnel drain rain catchment, and the beginnings of a food forest. We'll also see vegetable gardens, native gardens, chickens, rooftop solar systems, and lots of fruit trees.  At our final stop on the tour, we'll also enjoy a wine and cheese and see a demonstration of a solar water still.

Water wise Victorian rain gardenfruit trees flourishing with greywater 1350 rain tank feeding a fruit orchard


Sweet Water-wise walking tours - Where to begin

Tickets are $2 extra per person per tour when purchased the day of the tour. To buy your tickets now, please see instructions below address information.

Westside tour, Saturday, May 30

Tour starts promptly at 3:00 pm at 1626 San Pascual, between Arrellaga and Valerio. Please arrive at least ten minutes early to check in.  If you drive, we suggest you park a few blocks away, near Valerio, as our last stop on the tour is on Gillespie near the corner of Valerio.

Starting site on Sweet Water-wise Walking Tour on the Westside

Samarkand tour, Saturday, June 6.

Tour starts promptly at 3:00 pm at 2914 Lomita Ave, near the end of a dead end street--closest corner is Samarkand Drive.  Please arrive at least ten minutes early to check in.  If you drive, the best place to park might be between Wyola Rd. and Hermosa Rd.

buffalo grass is a drought tolerant lawn alternative

Tickets can be purchased for one or both tours at the following prices:

One Tour:                         Both Tours:

Individual        - $15           Individual          - $25

Couple             - $25           Couple               - $40

Student/Youth - $10           Student/Youth   - $15

Groups of 3 or more--$10 each

Click on the "Donate" button on the left sidebar on any page of our website to pay by Paypal,

or send a check (must be mailed by Tuesday May 26 for Westside tour, and by Monday June 1 for Samarkand tour) to: Sweetwater Collaborative, 1733 Calle Cerro, Santa Barbara, CA, 93101. Please include your name(s) and an email address when mailing a check. 

You will receive an email confirmation of your payment and some additional information about the tour(s) you have chosen.

Questions? Call or email Barbara Wishingrad at 805-403-4566 or info@sweetwatercollaborative.org

Financial Incentives for Hosting Sweetwater workshops installing water-wise features, in Santa Barbara or Carpinteria.

 The City of Santa Barbara Water Conservation Program and Carpinteria Valley Water District are each providing $600 per project to help cover the costs of Sweetwater organizing and teaching our public hands-on workshops.  Projects need to be completed before July 1, 2015. We will deduct this amount from the regular cost of putting on a workshop, including materials. This financial support is currently only available for city of Santa Barbara or Carpinteria Valley water customers. We are researching ways to subsidize projects in other areas; however, at this time, our workshops are only co-sponsored for these water customers.  

For more information about greywater and laundry to landscape systems, read this article on our website. For more information about rainwater harvesting, read this page on our site.

This rainwater harvesting or greywater workshop financial support is in addition to the Smart Landscape Rebate which is for 50% of materials for such installations, up to $500 (Carp) or $1000 (SB).  Sweetwater can also help you apply for the SL rebate.  

Hands on workshops through Sweetwater Collaborative offer a low cost way to install sustainable systems, with or without the special terms of this co-sponsorship.  Email or call our coordinator, Barbara Wishingrad, for more information on hosting a workshop, even if you don't get your water from the City of Santa Barbara or Carpinteria Valley Water District. Goleta Water District also offers Smart Landscape Rebates. 

Please contact Barbara Wishingrad at bwishingrad@gmail.com or 805-403-4566 with any questions about our co-sponsorship with the City of Santa Barbara, our support from the Carpinteria Valley Water District, or about the application process.

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