Technical Round Table for Landscape Professionals Mon October 12

Sweetwater Collaborative
Our second Technical Round Table for Landscape Professionals
Lawn Replacement Strategies:
The most effective, non-toxic ways to remove or replace turf
including advantages and disadvantages of different approaches.
Monday, October 12, 2015     
6:00-7:30 PM
Watershed Resource Center, 2981 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara, 93109, at Hendry's (Arroyo Burro) Beach
$10 payable at the door in cash or check

What are the techniques that build the water infiltrating capacity of the soil, are cost effective, require the least maintenance, are non-toxic, quickest, and require the least amount of metered water to complete? Learn from your colleagues and share your experience.

    sheet mulching 2
  sod cutting
    sheet mulching








  black plastic
    dig out sod
    digging up turf










For more information, visit, email, or call Barbara Wishingrad, Coordinator at 805-403-4566

Our Services - August 2015

On site consultations and coaching

Sweetwater offers an initial site visit consultation billed at $60 for the first hour or less, and in 15 minute increments at $60/hour for any additional time spent on site. One follow up email is included in this service. Our initial visit may include looking at the feasibility of possible water-wise projects, how we may work together, recommendations for other water-wise practices on your site, or a specific request from you. 

We also do more focused consulting and coaching on DIY water-wise projects, including one-on-one coaching as you install a water-wise system in your home.  Email and phone coaching is also available or may be combined with on-site visits. Coaching often follows engaging us to do a design for you. Our consultation/coaching fee is also $60/hour billed in 15 minutes increments after the first hour. 


Financial Incentives for hosting Sweetwater workshops in Santa Barbara

 The City of Santa Barbara Water Conservation Program is providing $600 per project to help cover the costs of Sweetwater organizing and teaching our public hands-on workshops.  We will deduct this amount from the regular cost of putting on a workshop, including materials, which may run between $1500-$2000. This financial support is currently only available for city of Santa Barbara water customers. We are researching ways to subsidize projects in other areas; however, at this time, our City of Santa Barbara water customers can apply for this contribution.

We thank the Carpinteria Valley Water District for their financial support of the hands-on workshop we are doing for CVWD customers this fall.  

For more information about greywater and laundry to landscape systems, read this article on our website. For more information about rainwater harvesting, read this page on our site.

This rainwater harvesting or greywater workshop financial support is in addition to the Smart Landscape Rebate which is for 50% of materials for such installations, up to $1000.  Sweetwater can also help you apply for the SL rebate.  

Hands on workshops through Sweetwater Collaborative offer a low cost way to install sustainable systems, with or without the special terms of this co-sponsorship.  Email or call our coordinator, Barbara Wishingrad, for more information on hosting a workshop, even if you don't get your water from City of Santa Barbara Water. Carpinteria and Goleta Water District also offer Smart Landscape Rebates. 

Please contact Barbara Wishingrad at or 805-403-4566 with any questions about our co-sponsorship with the City of Santa Barbara or about the application process.

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