Welcome to Sweetwater Collaborative

Santa Barbara Green Living Coop WorkshopWe are community members in Santa Barbara, CA.  Our core group of seven comes from a variety of backgrounds. Our combined skills include landscape design and construction, physics, marine biology, marketing, business development, Permaculture design, construction, networking and education. We are locally based and are dedicated to providing what our community wants and needs, and how we can make Low Impact Development and living within our regional water budget more a part of the landscape of our homes and neighborhoods.  

Sweetwater is a collaborative stakeholder network.  All of our services, events, and activities reflect our collaborative nature..  We have expanded beyond our initial function as  an environmental educational organization, working to provide professional trainings, research, and facilitating opportunities for collaborative water stewardship.

We offer hands-on, community-based workshops in people’s homes and neighborhoods, helping each other install sustainable systems.  We want to have fun working together and changing the face of our town.
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