Honor Sweetwater's work through five years of drought


For more than five years, Sweetwater Collaborative has taken a front and center role offering practical solutions to the drought in our community.

Please honor our five+ years of service making Santa Barbara water wise in ways that are beautiful, practical, and that build community. Make a contribution in any amount that has to do with FIVE-- Multiples of FIVE, numbers that include a FIVE, or end in a FIVE.

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Our 2016 Accomplishments

We continued to provide water wise awareness, water wise education, and water wise re-landscaping to community members on the South Coast.  

  • We established our Rainwater Harvesting 101 and Greywater 101 classes that have been held almost every month since February 2016.  These classes provide basic information about rainwater harvesting and greywater practices, concepts, examples, and guidelines.
  • We increased the number of hands-on workshops we led from twelve in 2015 to sixteen in 2016. 
  • We stepped up our advocacy for rainwater harvesting in neighborhoods, into parkways and on the street through curb cuts and other means, practices that will bring the community together to help each other to prevent pollution and flooding and to help to preserve more street trees
  • We reached out to and provided support to more community organizations, agencies, HOAs, and multi-family residential complexes looking for ways to become more water wise.
  • We led the effort to put in a Rainwater Harvesting Demonstration Garden at the Carpinteria Valley Water District; the earthworks were completed in September and the planting in November 2016.
  • We worked to give community members the level of support they need to move forward on projects that reduce water use in our community at large.  Individuals may get all the information they need to move forward on a water wise installation through taking one of our classes, or having one consult. Others can move forward on their own after having a design done. Still others want focused consulting or coaching, or get their project done through a hands-on workshop. And others prefer to get a referral to a landscape company who can do the work for them. We want to help individuals switch to water wise systems in just about any way they want to do that. We provided site visits, consulting, design, coaching and community goodwill outreach and education in order to do this.
  • We have continued our commitment to professional development through our monthly Technical Round Tables for Landscape Professionals, which started in Sept 2015.
  • We continue to try to fund a program to provide hands-on training for maintenance gardeners so that they can use best practices to make landscapes more water wise, and to maintain such landscapes.

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Greywater 101 class Wed Dec 7, 7:00-8:30 PM, Watershed Resource Center

This class will take place at the Watershed Resource Center,  2981 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara, 93109, at Hendry's (Arroyo Burro) Beach. The Watershed Resource Center is the blue two-story building on the right of the main parking lot at Hendry's Beach, as you face the ocean. It's about halfway to the beach from the street. Come up the stairs and come on in. We encourage you to arrive a few minutes early as sometimes it takes time to find parking at Hendry's. 

A PowerPoint will begin the class and questions are encouraged during the presentation. We love to talk about this subject and have taught about, designed and installed all kinds of projects, so we have a wealth of knowledge to draw from. It's a casual yet informative learning environment. This class includes playing with mock-up parts for a laundry to landscape system, and considering individual questions about specific properties and their unique characterisitcs and challenges.  Get the answers we don't have time to go into in depth at our hands-on workshops.  

Laundry to landscape installations will be highlighted although other greywater possibilities will be discussed. A variety of options for design and installation and financial incentives will also be shared. We will also show some examples of branched drain systems.

Suggested donation to Sweetwater Collaborative of $10/person or $15/couple. Please pay at the door by cash or check.

This class is sponsored in part by the City of Santa Barbara Water Conservation Program.

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