Permaculture Paradise Phase Two, in Carpinteria, Sat. July 11

The front yard is done except for fall planting. The back yard awaits our collective genius. Join us for Phase Two in creating a Permaculture Paradise in a Carpinteria home.  Sign up here.

Here are some images from our front yard transformation.

before the workshopduring the workshopafter the workshop


We'll start on the back yard in the July workshop--continue shaping the earth to capture the rain, taking out the lawn, adding fruit trees and more edibles, planting climate friendly plants, mixing in nitrogen fixers, and adding plenty of mulch to help keep the water in the ground and build healthy soil organisms.

Join us on Saturday, July 11 from 8:30am-1:30pm  Sign up now.

Fox and Lizard Rain Garden Workshop #2, Saturday, July 18

This is the second of four workshops on Via Zorro (in English-- that means "Fox Way") that will transform both front yards of a duplex, where many lizards live. We created water harvesting basins in the first yard in June; then it was sheet mulched. We're ready to do the same for side B of the duplex.  To join us, sign up here.

 The B side is the larger yard, with more of a hill as it slopes to the street. The property is located at the end of a cul-de-sac. We'll continue to create lizard habitat as well as places to slow, spread, and sink rainwater diverted from the roof. We'll put in fewer mulch basins during this workshop, as we will be receiving water from a smaller section of roof.

Here are some photos of our work on the A side, before sheet mulching was done.

starting our mulch basinswomen can dig it too!basins are taking shapeHills and dales of our rain garden

Both front yards of the duplex will be planted in the fall right before the rainy season.

Join us on Saturday, July 18 from 8:30am-1:30pm. Sign up now.

Financial Incentives for hosting Sweetwater workshops in Santa Barbara or Carpinteria.

 The City of Santa Barbara Water Conservation Program and Carpinteria Valley Water District are each providing $600 per project to help cover the costs of Sweetwater organizing and teaching our public hands-on workshops.  Projects need to be completed before October 1, 2015. We will deduct this amount from the regular cost of putting on a workshop, including materials. This financial support is currently only available for city of Santa Barbara or Carpinteria Valley water customers. We are researching ways to subsidize projects in other areas; however, at this time, our workshops are only co-sponsored for these water customers.  

For more information about greywater and laundry to landscape systems, read this article on our website. For more information about rainwater harvesting, read this page on our site.

This rainwater harvesting or greywater workshop financial support is in addition to the Smart Landscape Rebate which is for 50% of materials for such installations, up to $500 (Carp) or $1000 (SB).  Sweetwater can also help you apply for the SL rebate.  

Hands on workshops through Sweetwater Collaborative offer a low cost way to install sustainable systems, with or without the special terms of this co-sponsorship.  Email or call our coordinator, Barbara Wishingrad, for more information on hosting a workshop, even if you don't get your water from the City of Santa Barbara or Carpinteria Valley Water District. Goleta Water District also offers Smart Landscape Rebates. 

Please contact Barbara Wishingrad at or 805-403-4566 with any questions about our co-sponsorship with the City of Santa Barbara, our support from the Carpinteria Valley Water District, or about the application process.

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