Greywater 101 class, Goleta Library, Wed, July 6, 7:00-8:30 PM

This class in basic Greywater Design and installation is sponsored in part by the Goleta Water District and the City of Goleta. It will be held at the Goleta library, 500 N. Fairview, Goleta, CA 93117.

Laundry to landscape installations will be highlighted although other greywater possibilities will be discussed. A variety of options for design and installation and financial incentives will also be shared. We will also show some examples of branched drain systems and discuss the new regulations that allows Showers to Flowers greywater to be installed permit free in some parts of Santa Barbara County.

Rainwater Harvesting 101 class, Goleta library, Thurs, July 7, 1:00-2:30 PM

This class is sponsored in part by the Goleta Water District and the City of Goleta. It will be held at the Goleta library, 500 N. Fairview, Goleta, CA 93117.

Rainwater Harvesting is especially beneficial in low rain years.  Downspouts can be redirected into our landscapes, via swales (channels) and mulch basins, to slow, spread, and sink the water. Basins, depressions in the soil that are filled or partially filled with mulch, create a focal point for water to percolate into the soil, creating a biologically rich sponge that is a perfect medium for nurturing drought tolerant and other plants.  Rain tanks can store water that may be used for example, in between rains, to irrigate crops like annual veggies that have changing water needs, or to save for emergencies. Rainwater harvesting can be done on any landscape--on residential, business, and community property. 
This class is a great way to get a strong overview of the concepts and possibilities for rainwater harvesting in the soil or tanks. A Powerpoint will show images of a variety of techniques and landscape styles that are supported by rainwater harvesting. We welcome general questions as well as those related to specific projects. Downspout diversion and rainwater harvesting can be added to drought tolerant landscapes or done in conjunction with a larger landscape redo. Projects are often done in phases with beautiful results. Come learn more about this practice that is becoming more essential in our drought plagued region.
We have scheduled this class during the afternoon so that staff or representatives of businesses, nonproifts and other organizations, and places of worship can attend as part of their work day. This short class could significantly change your perspective about how to approach water challenges that will only become more common in our local area. Get informed now! Bring a group from work to learn together how to best help your company or organization to use this "new" water source.
Mulch basins are the foundation of rainwater harvesting in the soil           A beautiful garden has been planted over the basins
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